The 13th World Advanced Aerobatic Championship 2018 will be organised by the Romanian Aeroclub and the Romanian Aeronautical Federation. It will take place under the auspices of the FAI – Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.
The operational organizer is the Romanian Aeroclub (Bulevardul Lascăr Catargiu nr. 54, sector 1, București).

Aeroclubul Romaniei (Romanian Aeroclub)

Aeroclubul Romaniei (Romanian Aeroclub) is a public institution, financed by government, it’s an organization for basic and advanced training of pilots and parachutists, with school and sports airplanes.
Aeroclubul Romaniei(Romanian Aeroclub)is a sports organization with an aeronautical profile, with numerous achievements in various competitions and championships, both internal and international.
Aeroclubul Romaniei (Romanian Aeroclub) is training for free, according to the budget allocated from the government, young people age 16 to 23 years to become airplane, balloon, ultra-light or glider pilots, in one of 15 locations thru Romania.

Federatia Aeronautica Romana ( The Romanian Aeronautical Federation )

The Romanian Aeronautical Federation is a national sporting structure that has the competence and authority to organize, control and manage the aeronautical sports practiced in Romania (parachuting, flying, gliding, ultralight aircraft, balloons).
The Romanian Aeronautical Federation was established in 1920 and it’s a member of FÉDÉRATION AÉRONAUTIQUE INTERNATIONALE- WORLD AIR SPORTS FEDERATION since 1923.